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  • Canada & New England with Holland America

    This New England and Canada cruise glides past incredible scenery (hello fall foliage) and stops in historic ports and cities, some well-traveled, some hidden jewels. Explore the early days of the “New World” by walking the grounds of significant battles and touring fascinating sites you’ll remember from history books. Enjoy fresh seafood, or roam the rolling hills, sandy beaches, and Victorian houses of Prince Edward Island. From lighthouses set against the golden summer sun to the most vibrant fall foliage imaginable, a vacation in New England and Canada packs in a lifetime of memories.

    Mexican Riviera with Holland America

    Choose a vacation full of historical attractions, each focused on a different culture or ancient civilization when you cruise to Mexico with Holland America Line. Environments teeming with unique wildlife and gorgeous natural scenery can be found at just about every port. You can take an exclusive swim with friendly dolphins or learn authentic Mexican dance with some salsa in Cabo. Or, swing through the canopies in Puerto Vallarta like a monkey with a jungle zip line. Cathedrals, cuisine, and maybe a little ‘Cucaracha’—that’s the way Holland America cruises to Mexico.

    New England Islands Cruise

    Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of New England. The carefully curated excursions connect you with the essence of each unique port of call, from New Bedford, MA, once known as the whaling capital of the world, to Newport, RI, home to mansions of the Gilded Age.

    Music Cities Cruise

    On this remarkable journey from Memphis to Nashville, experience the power of the Mississippi River, the grandeur of the Ohio River, and the beauty of the Cumberland River. Each waterway offers unique scenery with rolling hills, steep bluffs, soaring bald eagles, regal blue herons, fascinating historical sites, and sunsets reflecting on the water in indescribable beauty.

    Upper Mississippi River Cruise

    A journey along the Upper Mississippi River is an enriching experience, embodying hometown Americana and the breathtaking scenery that has inspired the country’s most legendary writers, artists, and musicians. It was here that the great American writer Mark Twain used the majestic river and its scenic bluffs as the settings in his most popular works. In his book “Life on the Mississippi,” he described traveling on this part of the river as “always through enchanting scenery, there being no other kind on the Upper Mississippi.”

    Lower Mississippi River Cruise

    Embark on a unique riverboat adventure along the Lower Mississippi River between New Orleans, Louisiana and Memphis, Tennessee. Savor a week aboard your intimate and relaxed modern riverboat with 180 guests or fewer. The enthusiastic all-American crew is ready to share with you a wonderful journey filled with historical tales, culinary delights, vibrant music, and new friends.  Dynamic presentations by your onboard speaker connect you to the region’s culture and history, while local guides share insights to illuminate your shore excursions. New Orleans reverberates with the sounds of jazz, while Memphis offers savory barbecue, rich music history museums, and an amazing exploration of Elvis’ Graceland. Discover why the Mississippi River and the port of Vicksburg were so important during the Civil War and enjoy the beautiful architecture, antiques, and gardens of grand estates alongside the river, including Houmas House, and Rosedown. Perhaps sip and savor a tasty mint julep while strolling under the canopy of 300-year-old trees at Oak Alley or peruse the local shops and museums of quaint and cozy towns like St. Francisville and Natchez. Back aboard your riverboat, relax with our daily cocktail hour, hors d’oeuvres, a delicious meal, and an evening show as regional entertainers share the area’s renowned cultural flair.

    Historic Mississippi River Cruise

    Beginning and ending in the vibrant city of New Orleans, this incredible journey celebrates the rich heritage and festive spirit of a region where music is the common language and history can be found around every bend in the river. Travel in the comfort of a new fleet as you discover fascinating port towns, including Natchez, with a unique blend of African, British, and French culture. As well as Baton Rouge, the heart and soul of Louisiana. Savor authentic Cajun and Creole cuisine, embodying the influences of the fascinating people who live there. Explore elegant antebellum homes and notable landmarks brimming with history, led by a local guide who provides an insider’s perspective.  Back on board, be pampered by our gracious crew or find solace as you relax in your spacious stateroom and relish the rolling river views.

    Columbia & Snake Rivers Cruise

    Embrace the pioneering spirit of Lewis and Clark as you immerse yourself in the history of their expedition into the West. As the intimate and well-appointed riverboat makes its way along these legendary rivers, from Portland, OR to Clarkston, WA, be amazed by the constant shifts in landscapes. From the lush forest mountains to magnificent waterfalls and even desert canyons, the evolving terrain is unlike anywhere else in America. Experience a front-row seat as you navigate through the famed lock and dam system, an awe-inspiring testament to human engineering.

    Western Mediterranean Cruise

    Get ready to escape to the natural beauty, history and rich cultures of the Mediterranean with Norwegian. Set sail from Barcelona to Civitavecchia and explore Rome’s famous ancient ruins and works of art, from Michelangelo’s awe-inspiring Sistine Chapel to the beautifully-constructed Trevi Fountain. Then travel back in time, way back, as you visit Malta’s prehistoric temples and the caves of Ghar Dalam, where the island’s first traces of life date back an astonishing 180,000 years.

    Greek Isles Cruise: Santorini, Mykonos, & Croatia

    Experience the history, natural beauty and rich cultures of the Mediterranean with Norwegian. Take a short ferry ride from Mykonos to the island of Delos — the mythological birthplace of Apollo and Artemis and a UNESCO World Heritage Site — and visit ancient ruins. In Olympia, visit the site of the very first Olympic Games, explore the Archaeological Museum and get a glimpse into local life with a visit to a farm while discovering the best of the region on a guided tour.  Then embark on a gondola tour of Venice’s legendary canals.