Group Travel Video App

U.S. Tours includes the Group Travel Video App in every large Tour Package, for small tours it can be purchased for only $10 per person.

This incredible resource gives Travel Planners both management and marketing tools, while serving as a social platform that opens friendships among your travelers.

Marketing Benefits:

  1. Facebook sharing makes these photos a viral advertisement of your program as happy travelers share images to friends, family and potential customers at home.
  2. This App lets you upload and share photos while on tour.
  3. These images are available to you later for marketing purposes.
  4. All Photos are edited, corrected, cropped and reviewed for suitable content.
  5. Plus you receive a digital Video after the tour, which can also be used on Facebook and at future trip presentations to show your travelers having fun.

Management Benefits:

  1. You can text, private message, all participants as a group or individually once the App is uploaded, this allows you to communicate with the group in real time.
  2. You can post your tour itinerary on the App for travelers to reference.
  3. There is a GPS Function that allows you to find lost travelers.
  4. It is secure since no emails or phone numbers are collected. Thus you have a secure connection between you and your group members.

How it works:

  1. You will get a training call from PhotoVision before your trip to explain the process.
  2. Once your group is together you give them a card with a unique username & password.
  3. You show them how to upload the App and sign in – they remain signed in – until the end of the tour when the App automatically closes.


Watch this short video to see how the app works!


Watch the sample tour video to see a group in action.  The length of your video will be based on the total number of photos submitted.


Download the flyer for more information.